Finnish Forestry Delegation Sparks Collaboration and Innovation in Atlantic Canada

In a bid to share insights and foster collaboration in forestry and bioeconomy, the Team Finland Network organized a Forestry Business Delegation visit to Fredericton, New Brunswick, February 5th to 8th. Representing a nation renowned for its exemplary sustainable forestry practices, the delegates embarked on a mission to foster a cross-cultural exchange and drive innovation within the forestry sector.

The Finnish forestry industry stands as a global leader, emphasizing responsible forestry management, education, and the integration of cutting-edge technology throughout the value chain. Finland’s commitment to a circular and sustainable forestry industry is evident through its embrace of digital solutions and smart forestry practices, aiming to enhance efficiency, productivity, and profitability while minimizing environmental impact.

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, with their own sustainable forestry practices, hold economic significance for their provinces. The adoption of technology and continuous innovation has contributed to sustainable yield management and value-added processing of wood products. Moreover, these provinces are actively exploring bioeconomy potential through research and investments in biomass utilization, bioenergy, and innovative forest-based products.

The delegation’s overarching objective was to share their experience, engage with industry players in Atlantic Canada, and explore mutually beneficial opportunities for sustainable growth and efficiency.

NHRI was represented on a 2-country panel entitled: Future of Forestry: Building on excellence, opportunity and perspective through the lens of Finland and New Brunswick that covered important themes and perspectives such as Workforce Strategies, Bio-Economy, Social Acceptance of Forestry, Forest Sector Alignment and, Technology & Digitalization.

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